Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, February 26, 2015

Warning: be prepared for a LOT of gushing in today’s post! We currently have some really amazing pieces that are both beautiful and priced super well.

With over sixty photos to share there’s no time for chit-chat – but before we move on I do want to remind you of our Furniture Gallery where you’ll find EVEN MORE PHOTOS of our inventory. Wowza!

Let’s do this!

 JFC 02-27-15 001JFC 02-27-15 002JFC 02-27-15 003JFC 02-27-15 004JFC 02-27-15 005

we’re starting off with a bang today with this amazingly gorgeous Room & Board four piece sectional that’s in excellent condition! It’s also very versatile since the fourth piece is an armless chair that can be used by itself or added to either side. I couldn’t find this exact sectional on the Room & Board website – but this is pretty close. Our sectional has the chucky feet and the linked one doesn’t offer the armless piece as an option. Still a good comparison which costs $2,997. Our price? $825 – a whooping 70% off the conservative retail price! I did see one minor issue with the upholstery by one of the front feet (see fourth photo). Cool pie-shaped coffee table with storage baskets is $65

JFC 02-27-15 006JFC 02-27-15 007

calling all book lovers! Look at this entry, hall or sofa table that’s two large faux books that are actually drawers! So fun! Some of the leather (leather like?) trim needs to be re-glued. Priced $115

JFC 02-27-15 008JFC 02-27-15 009

and then how about a “book lined” cabinet that really a small computer desk? Love it! Priced $145

JFC 02-27-15 010JFC 02-27-15 011JFC 02-27-15 012JFC 02-27-15 014

I’ve always loved the look of tole painting (artwork and furniture). Here’s a very lovely tole painted pedestal table with glass top and two matching chairs – all in great condition. Priced $235

JFC 02-27-15 015JFC 02-27-15 016

very nice sofa table with glass inserts – priced $55

JFC 02-27-15 017JFC 02-27-15 018

fabulous Vanguard blue sofa in excellent condition for $175

JFC 02-27-15 019JFC 02-27-15 020

excellent blue leather Robinson and Robinson sofa for $225

JFC 02-27-15 021JFC 02-27-15 022

great nubby fabric on these two clean-lined pieces both in good condition. Sofa is $95 and the loveseat is $75

JFC 02-27-15 023JFC 02-27-15 024

sweet Queen Anne style side table for $65

JFC 02-27-15 025JFC 02-27-15 026

perfect sized two drawer side piece that would fit and work…anywhere! Love the burled walnut on the drawer fronts! Priced $65

JFC 02-27-15 027JFC 02-27-15 028JFC 02-27-15 029JFC 02-27-15 030

more Room & Board furniture – this time two chaises – similar to this one. Ours are covered in a gray micro-suede that needs to be spot cleaned. Retail price is $1,249. Our price is $175 each which is a savings of over 80% off the retail price! Lovely glass topped coffee table for $55

JFC 02-27-15 031JFC 02-27-15 032

pristine Lazboy brand sleeper sofa for $125

JFC 02-27-15 033JFC 02-27-15 034

graceful lines on this Queen Anne style writing desk (of the Bombay Co. quality) – priced $55

JFC 02-27-15 035JFC 02-27-15 036

three nesting tables – missing decorative handles – priced $30 for all three

JFC 02-27-15 037JFC 02-27-15 038

gorgeous brass and glass coffee table for $65

JFC 02-27-15 039JFC 02-27-15 040

excellent side chair for $45

JFC 02-27-15 041JFC 02-27-15 042JFC 02-27-15 043JFC 02-27-15 044JFC 02-27-15 045

this bedroom set is by Preferred Editions – and I’m not familiar with them and couldn’t find anything online about ‘em. I can tell you though, this set is in mint condition – oak – and includes the following: tall armoire priced $135; two nightstands for $35 each; large dresser with lighted and mirrored hutch for $165; queen size headboard, footboard and side rails for $145 (mattress and box spring sold separately)

JFC 02-27-15 046JFC 02-27-15 047

wonderful plaid RECLINER for $85

JFC 02-27-15 048JFC 02-27-15 049

man-oh-man I LOVE this leather patchwork chaise! Look at the amazing chrome legs. So sleek. Leather is perfect! Minor issue – back rest is missing something to keep it up (so if you lean on it – it’ll lower). It’s designed to lower but it’s also designed to remain upright if you wanted. That’s the problem. Priced $125

JFC 02-27-15 050JFC 02-27-15 051

Leather Center brand four piece blue leather sectional – overall in great condition. I noticed the donor had added some support under the seat cushions (to make them firmer). Priced $165

JFC 02-27-15 052JFC 02-27-15 053JFC 02-27-15 054JFC 02-27-15 055

oh the photos do not do this Crate & Barrel emerald green velvet sofa justice! It’s absolutely gorgeous! Only issue – both arms have tears along the front seams. Otherwise truly in excellent shape! Priced $85 (and that’s an amazing deal!)

JFC 02-27-15 056JFC 02-27-15 057

very nice sleeper sofa priced $85

JFC 02-27-15 058JFC 02-27-15 059

wonderful size Bassett dresser that needs a little love – for $45

JFC 02-27-15 060JFC 02-27-15 061

very nice chest of drawer for $65

JFC 02-27-15 062JFC 02-27-15 063

four magazine/file holders – there’s something about ‘em that I think is so cool! Just imagine what you could do with them (in a bathroom for ready reading? child’s room to display large picture books? office for file folder storage and organization? SO MANY OPTIONS! Must buy them all!). Priced $20 each

JFC 02-27-15 064JFC 02-27-15 065

wonderful café height glass topped table with four chairs for $155

Haha! I wasn’t kidding about the gushing. Seriously, I want all the furniture. I think I have a problem.

Thankfully, I’m guessing you, dear reader, completely understand and, maybe, can even relate. And that’s one of the reasons I love you!

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